Sunday, 22 November 2015

How to make SFI more attractive to new affiliates

My view, and experience in SFI has taught me:

1 .We should contact new affiliates as soon as possible. Send a team mail or, if you can, an E-card, as this is more personal and makes the recipient feel special

2. Send them tips about Daily, Weekly, Monthly Actions

3. Tell them about the different Eager Zebra Games, and also that some can be played for free

4. Tell them about the ECA Program

5. If you are good at blogging, help them to start their own blog

6. Do you run a competition for your affiliate? Let all know about it

7. SFI sends a reminder about the New Member Pak, but it is better if you send out a reminder about it in your own words, about the benefits of this promotion

8. If you can, open a Facebook, or Skype site to teach your affiliates, and also were they can interact with each other

9. Send news from the "Latest News" to new affiliates, as most will not see them, or ignore it, and tell them about the FORUM and ASK SC

10. Reply to any questions from new affiliates within 24 hours, if at all possible

This will make your affiliate feel more at ease, and help to establish a good relationship

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