Monday, 2 November 2015

NAVY,Dental Assistant Jobs in Australia

Dental Assistants (DEN) are members of the Health Services Branch of the Navy. They are primarily responsible for chairside assistance to the Dental Officer and patient management.
A Dental Assistant is responsible for:
  • assisting the dental officer in chair-side treatment of patients;
  • sterilisation of dental instruments and surgery infection control;
  • preparation and assisting with oral healthcare procedures; and  
  • the processing and mounting of dental radiographs. 

Senior Dental Assistants can be nominated for the Preventive Dental Assistant Course which provides them with the skills to provide oral health education to patients under the prescription of a Dental Officer. A Dental Assistant can further progress through the career structure to the role of Practice Manager. A Practice Manager coordinates the planning, organising, directing and controlling of practice resources, or Fleet Mobile Dental Teams, under the direction of the Senior Dental Officer.

Pay and Benefits
You will be paid while you undertake your training, receive free healthcare and dental care and subsidised accommodation. Upon completion of training, you’ll enjoy a starting salary package of approximately $59,085 p.a. as well as a generous superannuation contribution.

Employment Location
All sailors will serve in fleet units and shore establishments on a rotational basis.

Entry Requirements
You must be at least 17 years of age and an Australian citizen, or if you hold a Permanent Residency status your application may be considered. Additional age, medical and fitness guidelines may also apply.

Education Requirements
Unqualified - The minimum educational standard is successful completion of Year 10 with passes in English and Mathematics. A pass in Year 10 Science is also desirable

Qualified - Applicants who have satisfactorily completed a Dental Assistant's qualification accredited with the Dental Assistants Education Council of Australia through a Technical and Further Education training institution, may be considered for QES status. It is essential that the applicant hold the Dental Assistants Education Council of Australia Certificate.

How to apply
For more information download a copy of the position descriptions here: Navy DentalAssistant – more information  

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