Friday, 6 May 2016

Australian Vocational Training Institute PTY. LTDBusiness Development Manager Jobs in Australia

he occupant is expected to assist the CEO to grow the business in line with the college's objectives and goals. He/she is required to develop a business development plan in consultation with the CEO, work with a network of agents and to engage with the industry to ensure the courses are in demand by the current industry. Establish linkages to educational institutions to explore the opportunities to becoming TNE partners as part of the business development plan.
Actively promote 'job ready' idea to ou
r students and to establish linkages between our future graduates and employers. Provide ongoing advice to CEO on all matters including compliance issues and to ensure the college is on the path to achieve sustainable growth.
• Develop, implement, monitor, revise and evaluate a business development plan.
• Ensure the college and its agents observe the marketing standards in National Code; 
• Provide CEO with ongoing advice on all business matters affecting the growth of the College including compliance issues
• Support Training Manager by invitation to assessment validation, course design and development meetings, and to facilitate articulation with Higher Education Providers and to promote job ready approach to the Training unit. 
• Actively engage with industries via part-taking training seminars/meetings held by industry bodies such VELG Training, ACS, ACPET and ASQA etc. with the intention to explore opportunities for the college to have access to industries consultation and to improve our 'job-ready' approach in course design. Technical work can be passed to the Training Manager to follow up.
• Upon request by CEO, provide students with counseling services in relations to learning and training issues and handle student's complaints as part of improvement process.
• Liaise with industries and future employers to establish linkages for future employment opportunities for our students
• Establish linkages for Trans National Education partners
• Travel to attend local/overseas meetings to promote college 
• Facilitate student enrollments 
• Other duties as in AVTI Policies and Procedures Manual
• Report to CEO regularly.
Hours of work : 40 hours per week (No overtime, time off in lieu).
Essential qualifications and experience: A sound knowledge of relevant Training Package, Standards for RTO and National Code. Experience in a similar role is a MUST. Possess tertiary qualification in Marketing or equivalent.
Salary range: $70,000 gross pa plus superannuation plus performance bonus  ($1K - $20K) at end of financial year subject to profitability of the college. Salary is subject to annual review.

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