Friday, 24 June 2016

MiQ Private Wealt,Client Service Manager Jobs in Australia

(Full time) - Broadbeach
The value we provide to our clients is critical to our success. It defines the compelling reason as to why our clients buy us and why you should too. It clearly differentiates us from our competitors.
What makes MiQ Private different?
In short, it is our core values and culture:-
* The creation of something special & unique;
* To have a place where work is challen
ging, rewarding and fun;
* A commitment to innovation and excellence;
* A commitment to client service excellence
* Honesty, Integrity & Teamwork
We would love you to consider being a part of our team as we endeavour to fulfil our aspiration. It will be an exciting journey.
Founded in 2006 by four Planners with a passion for helping Australians achieve financial wellbeing, MiQ Private is now a team of highly trained Planners, Finance Specialists and Support staff dedicated to providing the most appropriate financial advice and delivering outstanding client service. Already we have 5 offices, 30 team members and manage almost $1B in client funds.
Have a look at our website and see what our clients say about us (
You'll also meet the Group's Partners & Principals and understand what drives them at work and what they get up to outside of MiQ.
Our staff value our culture!
Some of the things that make us great are our family friendly policies that promote flexibility. In addition, we've built an Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP), provide base salary increases annually, offer an offsite 5 star conference for you and your partner each year, conduct an innovative 6 conversation performance and behaviour review process that promotes innovation, engagement & career advancement. We also invest in your learning by providing paid study leave and reimbursement of course costs. In addition, we invest considerably in making our X plan processes really efficient by providing threads, checklists and an extensive template library. You can see why we are really different!
What we are seeking?
  • A proactive Client Service Manager, capable of thinking independently and working collaboratively, who has good experience in using X Plan, has been involved in the Financial Planning Industry for 2 years or more and who ideally wants to work a 5 day week
  • We would love an eye for detail, a professional, happy, confident, self-motivated person who wants to be part of a team.
  • Most importantly, Outstanding Client Service, with a real focus on a genuine, passionate desire to help clients above all else
  • The capability to grow and learn. RG146 attainment should be a short term goal.
  • A hands on practical person who is not above working hard
  • An real interest in Managed Funds, Direct Equities, Portfolio construction, Corporate Actions and IPO's would be useful, as would knowledge and use of MDAs.
  • This  role is at our Broadbeach office
  • The position commences as soon as we find the right person.
  • The vacancy exists due to the inability of a team member returning from maternity leave to work on a full time basis.
If that sounds like you, please express your interest by submitting an application. If you'd like a Role Description, we will happily supply it.
Culture is a very important part of our business. Selecting the right people ultimately determines our culture, which is why our selection process is a little different to most:-
  • resumes and cover letters are screened to ensure suitability
  • 10% of applicants are provided with a role description and asked to complete a capability statement
  • The top 5 candidates are interviewed face to face and back to back by the CEO
  • The candidates are then forced ranked and asked to complete an on line Personality Profile (DiSC) which is provided for perusal
  • The best two candidates are then interviewed by the direct reporting Partner (Luke Jarzynski)
  • The successful candidate is informed and a formal offer letter is prepared after terms have been agreed
  • All unsuccessful candidates are informed in a very timely manner
Steve Watts
Chief Executive Officer
MiQ Private Wealth
0409 712 800

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