Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Scholarships for Master’s in Financial Economics Programme at ICEF, HSE University, Moscow, Russia

1. Who can be enrolled in ICEF MSc programme in Financial Economics?
Graduates of foreign universities with at least a Bachelor’s degree and a basic knowledge of Economic theory, a strong mathematical background and a good level of English language.
2. Who conducts the selection of applicants
for ICEF MSc programme in Financial Economics? What criteria are taken into account in the first place when selecting students for the programme?
The selection of applicants is conducted by the Admission Committee. The appointments are subject to approval by the International Academic Committee (IAC) of ICEF. The main criteria that are considered by Admission Committee are the following: academic transcripts of the applicants, candidates’ academic papers, at least one, personal achievements, references from well-known experts.
3. How will the level of English language be checked?
Applicants must provide the scan of English proficiency exam results (IELTS or TOEFL).
Native speakers of English and students who have completed an entire degree exclusively in English do not need to submit proof of their English ability. All other applicants should submit test results no more than two years old.
4. Do I need to be interviewed for admission to ICEF MSc programme and how will the results of it be taken into account? 
Yes, the interview is obligatory and is the most important part of the whole admission process. Candidates are interviewed by a special commission, comprised of the representatives from the Admission Committee. It lasts for 15-20 minutes. The interview is aimed to ascertain interests, plans for the future and preferences of the candidate. An applicant can be asked with regard to his/her previous academic papers or some questions on Economic theory or Mathematics but only within the minimum requirements for MSc programme applicants. For international candidates the intverview is conducted via Skype.
5. When should I submit the documents?
The applications for scholarship must be submitted at http://www.hse.ru/org/hse/admissions/expresspolls/poll/139852868.html by May, 1.
Regular applications for tuition based places must be submitted before July 15th.
6. Tuition Fees
In 2016 there will be 35 budget and 15 tuition-based places (including 4 places with scholarships and discounts). The tuition fee for commercial place is 340 000 rub per year. 
In addition Russian government offers scholarships for international students that fully cover tuition fees.
7. Who would get the scholarship?
Possibility of getting the scholarship and the size of the scholarship would depend on candidate’s GRE and IELTS scores, level of knowledge in relevant subjects, honours, distinctions, references and other academic achievements.

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