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Clark University Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students in USA

Scholarships for First-Year International Students

If you are an international high school student, you could be eligible for scholarships to help pay for the cost of your undergraduate education at Clark University.
Scholarships are offered by Clark and many other organizations. 
Your eligibility for scholarships depends on
your academic accomplishments, in addition to other factors.

Clark merit scholarships

Presidential LEEP Scholarship
Global Scholars Program Scholarship
International Traina Scholarship
International Achievement Scholarship
International Jonas Clark Scholarship

Private scholarships

Sources of private scholarships
Online resources
SALT Scholarship Search
Additional online scholarship searches

Clark merit scholarships

If you are an international student applying to your first year of undergraduate study at Clark University, you could be eligible for merit scholarships offered by the University.
When you send in your admissions application, you will be considered automatically for several merit scholarships. Our Presidential LEEP Scholarship and Global Scholars Program Scholarship require separate applications; however, the rest of our merit scholarships do not.
Your eligibility for scholarships depends on your academic achievement (those indicated on your application for admission), not on your family need.
If you are awarded a merit scholarship, you will be notified when you receive your admissions decision.
Below are the merit scholarships offered to entering first-year international students at Clark University. Note: All deadlines have passed for students applying to enter Clark in fall 2016; the deadlines below are for students applying for fall 2017.

Presidential LEEP Scholarships

Clark University’s Presidential LEEP Scholars Program is part of the University’s pioneering model of education, Liberal Education and Effective Practice (LEEP), which combines a robust liberal arts experience with authentic engagement in the world and workplace. 
You are an ideal candidate for the Presidential LEEP Scholarship if your high school record places you at the top of Clark University's applicant pool, and you demonstrate a strong desire to:
  • Pursue a demanding academic schedule.
  • Collaborate with peers and professors.
  • Meet ambitious career and life goals.
  • Join a community of scholars with a strong commitment to global change.
  • Tackle complex challenges at home and abroad.

Deadlines to apply (for students applying to Clark for fall 2017)

  • Early Action deadline: Nov. 1, 2016
  • Early Decision deadline: Nov. 1, 2016
  • Regular Decision deadline: Jan. 15, 2017
  • Essay deadline for Early Decision and Regular Decision: Feb. 1, 2017

How to apply

If you are interested in the Presidential LEEP Scholarship, simply check that option when you fill out the Common Application (available after Aug. 1, 2016).
You’ll then receive detailed information — including the topics of two short essays — on how to apply for the scholarship. The deadline for submitting the essays is Feb. 1 for both Early Decision and Regular Decision candidates.
Semi-finalists will be notified by the end of February, and finalist interviews will be conducted in March.
The Admissions Committee chooses finalists based on the strength of their applications for admission and other criteria identified by the committee. 

What you can expect

You’ll have the resources and opportunities to explore your interests in depth. You'll take control of your education, connect with pioneers in their fields and develop skills to drive tomorrow's innovations.

More specifically, you’ll receive these benefits:
  • Free tuition, room and board for four years: Your annual scholarship renewal would be contingent on your maintaining a strong academic record at Clark for each of your four years as an undergraduate.
  • A free master’s degree, if applicable: If you’re interested — and you meet certain eligibility requirements for Clark’s Accelerated B.A./Master's Degree Program — you can complete a master's degree as a fifth-year student, completely tuition-free.
  • A significant, funded research project: Before graduation, you’ll complete a LEEP Project, demonstrating mastery of the five LEEP learning outcomes, including the ability to integrate skills and knowledge and to solve complex problems through creative thinking, collaboration and persistence. You’ll receive stipends to complete your LEEP Project. 
  • A circle of support: At Clark, you’ll be surrounded by people eager to help you apply your talents, including faculty, alumni, career advisers and business and community leaders. With the guidance and mentorship of experts, you’ll design an ambitious academic track that includes interdisciplinary courses, internships, research projects and study abroad experiences.
  • Transformative internship experiences: You’ll work in Communities of Effective Practice — multigenerational, interdisciplinary groups — on a particular task or topic, such as assisting in consultations with local entrepreneurs, helping analyze the results of a psychology study or collecting field-based data on climate change.
  • A community that cares about the world: Clark graduates are known for changing the lives of others. You’ll collaborate with and be inspired by students, faculty, administrators, alumni and industry professionals who are as passionate as you are about creating a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

Global Scholars Program Scholarship

The Global Scholars Program builds on Clark University's long-standing commitment to provide a challenging education with a global focus.
To be eligible, you must be a first-year applicant (not a transfer student) who has attended school overseas for at least four years. Clark also will consider international citizens attending school in the United States.
You also should have demonstrated the potential to provide leadership in your community and the world and to commit to making a difference.

Deadlines to apply

January 15, 2017: International applicants (those applying to Clark for fall 2017)

What you can expect

If admitted to the Global Scholars Program, you will:
  • Receive a scholarship of no less than $5,000 per year ($20,000 for four years, contingent upon meeting academic standards for renewal).
  • Receive a guaranteed $2,500 taxable stipend for a paid internship or research assistantship taken for academic credit during the summer following your sophomore or junior year.
  • Participate in the Global Scholars Mentor Program, including an annual buffet dinner hosted by the president of Clark University. You will be assigned to a faculty adviser, as well as receive guidance from staff or alumni leadership mentors.

For more information

For more information on the program and to view profiles of current Global Scholars, please visit the International Students and Scholars Office.

International Traina Scholarship

  • Awarded to exceptional incoming students who have proven through work in high school, as well as overall application strength, that they are ready to perform at the highest level when they enroll at Clark.
  • $80,000, four-year award ($20,000 per year), regardless of a family's financial need.
  • Does not require a separate scholarship application.
  • To maintain the scholarship, a student must meet year-to-year continuation requirements; these requirements are included with the student’s admission and awards letter.

International Achievement Scholarship

  • Awarded to accomplished incoming students who have demonstrated very strong academic potential through work in high school and overall application strength.
  • $60,000, four-year award ($15,000 per year), regardless of a family's financial need.
  • Does not require a separate scholarship application.
  • To maintain the scholarship, a student must meet year-to-year continuation requirements; these requirements are included with the student’s admission and awards letter. 

International Jonas Clark Scholarship 

  • Awarded to incoming students who have demonstrated good academic potential through work in high school and overall application strength.
  • $40,000, four-year award ($10,000 per year), regardless of a family's financial need.
  • Does not require a separate scholarship application.
  • To maintain the scholarship, a student must meet year-to-year continuation requirements; these requirements are included with the student’s admission and awards letter. 

Private scholarships

As an international student, you may be eligible for additional scholarships offered by local, statewide and national organizations.
Below are possible sources and ideas for finding private scholarships. 
If you do receive a private scholarship, you must inform the Clark University Office of Financial Assistance in writing. Private scholarships are considered part of your aid package.

Sources of private scholarships

You may be eligible for scholarships from:
  • Your high school teachers, guidance counselors and school librarians: Ask them if there are any school-sponsored scholarships.
  • Your parents' employers: Ask your parent(s) if there are any scholarship opportunities provided through their employer(s); if they are unsure, you or they should call their human resources department for more information.
  • Your current employer: Ask your employer if the company offers any scholarships for graduating high school students.
  • Your place of worship: Ask the office staff or leadership about any scholarship possibilities or assistance with college expenses; private fundraiser events may be allowed if a scholarship is not already in place.

Online resources

There are numerous online resources for identifying private scholarships. As with any online search you want to be careful to avoid anything that may be a scam. You may want to watch out for these “red flags”:
  • The online service charges a fee. Scholarships are meant to help students, and if you are paying for the service, you may want to skip it altogether.
  • An organization does not require an essay. If you are only providing personal information, and no other information is required, it could mean that this organization is looking to sell your information.
  • An online service or organization asks for sensitive information. Never provide your Social Security number or other sensitive information unless you know the scholarship is from a legitimate source.

SALT Scholarship Search

SALT Scholarship Search was created by American Student Assistance, a nonprofit organization, to help Clark University students and alumni become more financially savvy. Clark provides this membership, allowing you to receive all services free of charge. SALT can help you better manage your finances and become an educated student loan borrower.
SALT provides:
  • Valuable information about managing debt and your student loans.
  • Search tools to help you locate private scholarships. You can search more than 2.4 million awards worth more than $14 billion; download tools and customize your application request letters; and receive email updates to find out about scholarship programs, tips and news.
If you are already registered with SALT, just log in to get started in your search. If you are not registered yet, then register now.

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