Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Amaysim,Agile Business Analyst

What's it about?
Amaysim is transforming.. and we need your help! We're no longer the start-up we once were. We've become an award-winning, listed telco, servicing well over 700,000 customers. To allow us to continue growing and delivering an amazingly simple experience for our customers, we're changing the way we build and deliver software. We're making the transition from projects to products, legacy to new, balls of mud to greenfield(s), manual to automation, da
tacenter to cloud. We're well underway on this journey and we've made huge strides, but we need your help to maintain the momentum we've already achieved.

If working in empowered product teams, delivering high quality solutions to interesting problems, surrounded by like-minded people within an amazing workplace culture is what you're seeking then look no further. As a company we value our core principles of reliability, simplicity, agility and empathy above all else, and unlike some, we genuinely live and breath these values. Everything we do, we do with these at the forefront of our minds, and we truly believe that these help set us apart from other employers and help inspire us to make amazing products for our customers.

Who are we looking for?
You! No seriously, if you think you have some or all of the below skills or experience we'd really love to hear from you:
  • Naturally, you're an experienced Business Analyst who is as comfortable in the boardroom as dissecting bugs with end-users, or going under the hood with the dev team.
  • You're a fast learner, passionate about technology and would thrive in a stimulating role working with a complex, constantly evolving product
  • You have experience working with a digital development team.
  • Agile/SCRUM expertise. You've worked with SCRUM/Agile methodologies managing enterprise-level development projects.
  • Exceptional written skills. You know how to document technical software requirements and write concise, easy-to-understand user-stories.
  • Exceptional verbal communication skills. You can comfortably work with both business and IT people all the way up to the executive level.
  • You need the discipline and flexibility to operate in multiple modes (the "now" of the current iteration and the "later" of upcoming iterations).
The Role:
  • Your key responsibility will be to work with our stakeholders and analyse functional and non-functional requirements, translating them into agile user stories for our software engineers and UX designers.
  • You will regularly work with project stakeholders to translate their requirements into something that developers can understand, as well as to translate the resulting questions that the developers have into something the stakeholders can understand.
  • You'll lead workshops with key stakeholders to document user stories and develop acceptance tests. You'll collect data, perform process mapping and modelling, and assemble detailed documentation for our business and scrum teams
  • While you understand the value of documentation in an Agile environment, your main focus is on collaboration, knowledge transfer, and skills transfer
  • You'll apply your knowledge of Agile best practise to manage and prioritise the product backlog and improve our organisational productivity.
  • You will be part of a team of highly collaborative colleagues with a furious focus on delivering value, negotiating value delivery in short cycles, and helping your business partners understand what they really need-not only up front but also as the product unfolds in small, usable chunks.
 In a typical day, you'll:
  • Break down large pieces of work into smaller, more manageable stories
  • Work with our engineers to clarify tasks and ensure feature development matches user needs.
  • Work with the Product Owner to clarify any unclear acceptance criteria
  • Negotiate requirements dependencies with other teams, reprioritizing as appropriate, together with the Product Owner
  • Facilitate requirements modeling sessions
  • Educate stakeholders in the development process
  • Check on feature burn down and see how the team is tracking towards completion
  • Attend the daily standup with the scrum team - Check in on confidence, just to get a feel of where we are and if were going to make it by the end of the sprint
  • Check that things meet our team Definition of Done
What's in it for you?
You'll get the chance to work in an environment that has an enormous appetite for change; a place that truly values and fosters the innovation you can bring to the teams you work with. We try to be as lean as we can, avoiding red-tape, bureaucracy and waterfall wherever possible. We do our best to maintain the 'startup' look and feel, but without the constraints and overheads normally associated with less well established organisations. We're small enough that your voice will be heard loud and clear and your (awesome) ideas and innovations will be championed and rapidly adopted. And we're large enough that we can execute on these ideas at scale and your work will be used by hundreds of thousands of (happy) customers.
But wait, there's more. As well as being an awesome place to innovate, drive change and make a difference, amaysim also tries to be a place that keeps you excited to come in on a Monday morning through all kinds of fun extras, including:
  • an amaysim phone plan (what else??) and a generous subsidy towards a new phone/tablet to use it on
  • an extra day of annual leave on your birthday
  • covering the costs of your attendance to any and all meetup groups (taxis and time-in-lieu)
  • 'amaysim ideas' sessions several times a month with many external speakers (Facebook, Dropbox and many more)
  • swish offices, with even swisher ones beginning construction soon and rolling out in August
  • join the entire company on 'Culture days' at least twice a year (normally at a harbour-side location - Taronga Zoo most recently), to discuss and shape how the company is run (and to see the Penguins ??)
  • a thriving social life, with events happening most months  
  • subsidised gym membership & free F45 training at lunchtimes
and many, many others...

Need more?
Not convinced, or you'd like some more info? Why not come along and check out our offices and meet some of us at our our next public 'amaysim Ideas' session: http://www.meetup.com/amaysim-ideas?
To apply for this exciting opportunity, please email your CV and covering letter to recruitment@amaysim.com.au

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