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Hope International,The Administration and Finance Manager Jobs in Rwanda


Application deadline: May 26, 2017

The Administration and Finance Manager (AFM) is to provide critical direct support to Rwanda SCA Country Director (CD) and HOPE Distributed Services Managing Director (MD) in field leadership and program financial management. This includes financial and administrative support, long term planning and budgeting, full responsibility of head office finances and accounting, ongoing financial reporting, and key relationship management with Rwanda SCA church partners and field staff.

·         Location: Kigali, Rwanda ,

·         Level: Management

·         Type: Full-time

·         Department: Programs

·         Reports to: Country Director

·         Position supervises: Administration and Finance Officer


  • Promote and fulfill the mission and vision of HOPE International.

  • Spiritual Integration and Christian Witness

  • Support daily, weekly and other devotions among HOPE staff to maintain a focus on the program’s Christ-centered mission and vision and to promote spiritual growth among staff, group members, and other associated parties.

  • Ensure a personal healthy spiritual balance within family, work, and church life through the adoption of Biblical, personal, spiritual disciplines.

  • Relationship Building and Management

  • Interface with Acacia in all matters relating to their current contract with Rwanda SCA and DSU

  • Intentionally invest in building a strong, God-honoring relationship with the CD, other head office and church partner staff as required by the CD.

  • Assist the CD in developing and maintaining excellent, productive and fruitful relationships with Rwanda SCA implementing partner staff.

  • Provide administrative and finance support to ministry staff through high level oversight as well as hands-on logistics support

  • In all the above, ensure that relationships are marked by HOPE’s Christ-centered values, as defined in PASSION.

  • Planning

  • Assist CD and DSU MD in the development of annual business plans, annual budgets, and periodic reforecasts and updates.

  • Ensure that HOPE Rwanda and church partner financial reporting standards and deadlines are met.

  • Help establish and implement a strategy for sourcing the appropriate resources (people, financial, etc.) needed to achieve the goals outlined within the program’s plan.

  • In conjunction with the CD, directly support church partners to develop, approve, and track annual and quarterly partner budgets and action plans.

  • In conjunction with the CD and DSU MD, manage and monitor Rwanda SCA and DSU cash flow and ongoing financial planning.

  • Financial Management, Reporting & Analysis

  • Ensure full adherence by Rwanda SCA and DSU to all HI’s financial policies and procedures Support church partners to continually improve financial performance within the SCA ministry and fully implement the Church Partner Financial Guidelines.

  • Main contact with CSU SCA finance department and support CD and MD to ensure a smooth relationship through reporting and related policies, processes, and documentation.

  • Carry out all Rwanda SCA and DSU financial reporting functions, including implementation and compliance with finance manuals, review all transactions to ensure budget alignment, accounting and monthly financial reporting, and maintenance of strong financial controls environment.

  • Manage the Rwanda SCA and DSU daily bookkeeping and accounting records.

  • With the CD’s and MD’s approval, submit requests for funding to Rwanda SCA and DSU in a timely manner with appropriate documentation.

  • Ensure the timely submission of financial reports

  • Oversee Church Partners Financial Reporting including the review and oversight of the use of SCA funds by church partners

  • Oversee the implementation of existing and new reporting, analysis, audit, and other associated tools. Provide analysis of reports and actionable recommendations to CD and DSU MD.

  • Ensure the achievement of ministerial goals and objectives while remaining within the budget set out for HOPE International Rwanda and its partners

  • Ensure that Rwanda SCA and DSU are fully compliant with all applicable governmental regulations.

  • Administrative and Human Resources Management

  • In conjunction with the CD and DSU MD, provide administrative and human resource management, including implementation of adequate HR policies, HR manual reviews, controls, contracts, staff leave reconciliation and structures.

  • Supervise the Administration and Finance Officer

  • Support Rwanda SCA and DSU staff for training and other professional development opportunities

  • Serve as CSU’s primary field contact for periodic initiatives such Global Branding, new IT product launches, etc.

  • In conjunction with CSU’s security team, manage security policies and procedures for the Rwanda SCA/DSU office.

  • Manage the organization of key Rwanda SCA and DSU Kigali financial documents including data backup and business continuity planning.

  • Ensure prompt and accurate payment of payroll and government taxes for Rwanda SCA and DSU staff.

  • Compliance/Risk Management

  • Assist in refinement and implementation of system that allow for periodic updates to the Finance, and HR Manuals as weakness or inefficiencies are identified.

  • Ensure full implementation of, and compliance with policies and procedures as outlined in Finance and HR manuals.

  • Assist the HOPE Internal Audit team with Internal finance audits. Monitor the implementation of recommendations and changes as proposed by Internal Audit and CSU management.

  • Systems, Assets and Risk Management

  • As directed by the CD, support in the design and implementation of risk mitigation systems.

  • Ensure that Rwanda SCA and DSU assets and inventory are well documented and well maintained

  • HOPE Representation

  • Show hospitality to visitors to Rwanda SCA and DSU or related parties who wish to visit the program and witness its operations. This includes supporting HOPE staff in the timely establishment and creation of appropriate itineraries, overseeing all necessary on the ground logistics, and accurately representing HOPE International and its mission through communication with visitors.

  • Other Responsibilities

  • Lead in design, development and implementation of special projects as and when requested by the CD.


  • Personal confession of Christian faith and commitment to the mission and vision of HOPE International

  • Qualifying degree in finance, accounting, business administration, or similar field of study

  • A minimum of five years of experience in mid-to senior-level accounting or bookkeeping required

  • Understanding of, and demonstrated experience with, financial accounting principles, processes and systems

  • Experience in using various accounting systems. Solid experience with QuickBooks is a plus

  • Proficiency with Excel as a tool for data input, reporting, review, and analysis.

  • Excellent cross-cultural communication

  • Excellent computer based communication skills and working knowledge of basic IT.

  • Fluent communication in English; spoken and written

  • Working knowledge of Kinyarwanda and French is a plus

  • Prior knowledge and understanding of and willingness to self-educate regarding SCA methodologies

  • Willingness to regularly travel upcountry

  • Assertive self-starter with the confidence to ask hard questions and hold management accountable

  • Highly flexible, hardworking and willing to sometimes work in stressful and frustrating situations

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